Acme Lead Screw Lubricants: A Brief Overview

Acme lead screws are increasingly the preferred solution for linear actuation. Lubrication for acme screws is just as important. Lubricant types fall into two categories: liquid and non-liquid. Liquid lubricants are petroleum-based mineral oils with 90% or higher base oil. Non-liquid lubricants – or, dry lubricants – are used when an oil-based lubricant is ineffective.

Many of our products are designed to be self lubricating with no need for additional lubrication or external grease. These products are designed to require no maintenance. We offer various lubrication options and the best solution will most often depend upon your particular application requirements.

Proper lubrication must be provided to achieve satisfactory service life. Helix lubricant (E-100 spray lube or PAG-1 grease) is recommended for applications using PowerAc™ nuts. Lubrication intervals are determined by the application. It is required that screw assemblies are lubricated often enough to maintain a film of lubricant on the screw.

Lubrication is important for long-term performance and reliability. Helix provides both wet and dry lubricants for our products. For instance, our E-100 spray lubricant or our PAG-1 grease is recommended for applications using precision lead screws without PTFE coating.

There’s also lubricants available for industry-specific needs.Our grease for medical grade applications is PTFE-thickened, high viscosity, and completely fluorinated in order to withstand high temperatures and exposure to harsh chemicals.

The grease available for semiconductor/static dissipative applications is PTFE-thickened and has a heavy viscosity, with a very low vapor pressure. Military and aerospace industries can use our grease that’s also PTFE-thickened, with a medium viscosity and completely fluorinated.