Partnering with Cynash on Advanced Industrial Cybersecurity Platform

We’re excited to announce our recent partnership with Cynash on a next-generation cybersecurity platform that can detect and mitigate cyberattacks on the industrial control systems that run energy, water, transportation and industrial infrastructure.

The platform builds on Cynash’s SerialTap™ sensor that passively monitors the serial communications used by many of the world’s industrial control systems. SerialTap™ can now pass the monitored traffic to our AICS machine learning system—enabling us to solve more extensive security challenges using advanced techniques in anomaly detection and behavioral analysis.

Both technologies separately won prestigious R&D 100 Awards—SerialTap™ in 2017 and AICS for 2018.

They also started as applied research and development efforts by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Laboratories. Their commercialization is the direct result of the Transition-to-Practice (TTP) Program—an initiative run by Dr. Nadia Carlsten at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that identifies emerging technologies that have national security applications.

To learn more about, read our latest press release.

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