Trust Automation to Provide Cybersecurity Solutions for Legacy Industrial Control Systems

Trust Automation Inc., a leading supplier of automation technology for defense and industrial applications, has announced it will offer a novel new cybersecurity solution for industrial control systems (ICS).

Working through the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate, Trust has obtained an exclusive license to the Autonomic Intelligent Cyber Sensor (AICS) technology developed by Idaho National Laboratories.

AICS brings autonomous, real-time cybersecurity measures to the legacy ICS networks that still control much of the United States’ critical energy, water and transportation infrastructure. “AICS is a key enabling technology in the protection of aging, yet still critical, infrastructure that wasn’t designed to withstand cyberattacks,” says Trust Automation CEO and CTO, Ty Safreno.

At its core, AICS technology employs autonomic computing techniques and a service-oriented architecture to discover ICS network entity information, deploy deceptive virtual hosts and identify anomalous network traffic with high accuracy. AICS is compatible with SerialTap™, a patented sensor that passively monitors the serial communications employed by most legacy ICS networks.

The exclusive license enables Trust Automation to use AICS to upgrade the cyber defenses of vulnerable legacy critical infrastructure systems—including natural gas distribution, water distribution and management, electrical grid systems and transportation. The move builds on Trust Automation’s extensive experience with control and power-management systems for semiconductor, defense and green technology applications.

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