Good Selection of Product Creates Quick Turn Around at a Reasonable Cost

A startup mobile-robotic material handling company needed to test their first version of automated equipment. The most expeditious way of doing this was to draw from our stock product found at This website allows customers to select motion control, drive, motor, and gearbox and get immediate delivery. Since it is focused on low voltage, it fits the mobile robotic (typically battery powered) equipment perfectly.

Once they began testing the motor, they were able to characterize the load throughout the speed range. This allowed us to specify the exact motor they needed. The customer ordered a batch of custom wound motors, and 4 weeks later was able to prepare the machine for early marketing and sales. We won a long term customer, and they connected with a reasonable cost, quick delivery supplier capable of providing custom products.

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Gearmotor Supplies Multiple Speeds with Custom Features for Customer

Mach Motion Products markets a full variety of drives, motors and gears. As much as we try to show all offerings on our website, there is frequently something our customers need that is not listed. That does not stop our sales team from pursuing a project that has good volume associated with it.

A recent example is an assembly machine manufacturer that had been using a simple one speed gearmotor. They wanted to add the ability to allow the operator to adjust speed, and of course they did not want to pay significantly more money. This initially seemed an unlikely win for us until we found that the annual consumption was approximately 10,000 units.

Mach Motion Products sourced an equivalent gearbox with higher torque capability, then added a generously sized motor and a custom manufactured DC drive to create a new product that worked flawlessly.

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High Tech X-Y Couplings Offer Superior Performance

A high-tech company markets a machine that requires precise positioning. In it, they use zero backlash flexible couplings.

When their coupling supplier raised their price by almost 50%, they went looking for an alternative supplier. Mach Motion Products now offers drop in replacements for machined couplings that fit perfectly.

After a few months of testing, it was determined that performance matches that of the previous supplier. As a side benefit, the delivery from Mach Motion Products is always on-time since we inventory product dedicated to our OEM customers.

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Brushless Gear Motor Utilizes Many Options for Unique Client Needs

An industrial manufacturer that uses a precisely-controlled fluid pump was struggling with speed variations in their current system. They would adjust the drive to the correct speed before shipment, but since it was potentiometer controlled, temperature and time caused the speed to change. This of course changed performance on their system. Since they produced 6 different sizes of machines, they needed 6 different speeds for the fluid pump.

Mach Motion Products offered a brushless gearmotor along with a customized drive to solve their problem. The custom drive was configured with 6 dip switches allowing for the 6 different speeds. Additionally, the drive was programmed to use the halls in a manner similar to an encoder so over time, the speed variation is less than 0.01 percent which far exceeded the customer’s previous approach.

Since the customer had both 115VAC and 230VAC applications, a power supply was provided that automatically output the 24VDC needed for the brushless drive and motor regardless of what input voltage was provided. In the end, the customer was able to utilize just one series of products for every machine reducing inventory and providing the perfect solution.

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Ball Screw Increases Production Line Success

A manufacturer of a miniature CNC machine came to us asking for a low cost C5 precision ballscrew. The lead time from their current supplier had extended to 40 weeks. The OEM uses over 1000 units per year, so it required quick turn around to both allow them to test as well as to get production units in their hands in a timely manner so their production line was not interrupted. We received samples in 3 weeks, and sent them off for evaluation.

The customer measured and tested the screws to find they were of superior quality to the units they had been receiving. The customer placed a production order which was received in 5 weeks, and now there is no delivery issue because Mach Motion Products holds inventory for them. The lead time for their product now is one day.

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Custom Brushless Motor Provides Large Features with Low Power Consumption

An industrial company was producing a tool that utilized a DC Motor. They wanted to change to a brushless motor to provide longer life, and better speed control. The challenge was to produce a custom brushless drive that had some unique software features, and fit in the customer’s tool enclosure that had fixed mounting hole positions and size.

Utilizing existing drive technology, the specific customer’s software features were programmed into a completely new layout of the board. The end result was a low power consumption product with features and operation method that satisfies the customer’s expectations.

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Brushless Motors Create New Pitching Machines for Professional Players

Out with the old and in with the new. Mach Motion has proven time and again that we are the new excellence. Take the old pitching machines for example, boring with only one setting.

Mach Motion Products prepared a brushless motor with a custom shaft, special windings, and a high performance servo drive to give multiple pitching options. Now professional players have more options for practice so they too can bring excellence to the table.

Check out all the Pitching Machine options here.

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Custom CD Drives Add Better Features and Save Cost for Customers

When the specification gets tough, Mach Motion Products gets the call. We recently provided a DC drive that could accept a wide range of incoming DC power, then operated a traditional DC motor through two pre-programmed speeds as it operates a mechanism. The ability for us to program drive firmware allowed the customer to reduce his total component count, and get better features while still saving cost.

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Large Fan Motors Offer Increased Efficiency and Reduced Noise

Big industrial fans have relied on AC motors and gearboxes in the past. With the quest to increase efficiency, and reduce noise, outer rotation motors are quickly becoming the standard. Mach Motion Products has standard and custom wound outer rotation motors available for custom applications.

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